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Grasp The Times

Pitot, an eyewear brand that accurately grasps the trends and grasps the times, no matter what the circumstances, in the rapidly changing times. Rather than being bound by mere fads, he puts emphasis on “attractive” within the framework of eyewear, creating sophisticated and one-of-a-kind shapes. By wearing eyewear inspired by various phenomena, there is a scenery that you can see for the first time. While changing his appearance, Pitot snuggles up to the story that each of them has spun and soars together.

- Pitot Tube

A device that measures the total pressure of a flowing object. It is used to measure the speed of aircraft and is an essential element to obtain lift.

the stories
Neighborhood of Craftsmen

The eyewear industry in Fukui and Sabae has a history of more than 100 years, and the traditional manufacturing method is inherited while harmonizing with modern technology to produce the world's highest quality eyeglasses. In this industry, which is mainly based on the division of labor, there are craftsmen in each process. Boasting one of the world's best technical skills, they work closely together, and with the experience and skills they have cultivated so far, they put their thoughts into all of the numerous processes and put them together. Pitot focuses on frame production in Fukui and Sabae, and provides premium eyewear that can be worn and collected for a long time through a reliable manufacturing process and strict quality checks.

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Plant-Derived Material

A material called "cellulose acetate" is used for the Pitot’s plastic frame. Cellulose acetate is a plant-derived fiber mainly made from natural raw materials such as cotton linter (cotton seed fiber) and wood pulp, and is a non-petroleum-based, environmentally friendly material. It has a very high degree of transparency, and has a unique luster, suppleness, and familiarity to the skin that can only be achieved with acetate. And with the traditional technology that draws out these, it can be a very suitable material for eyewear. Combining carefully selected designs with the warmth expressed by craftsmen's thoughtful polishing, the finished product is a sophisticated form.

the stories

Pitot's metal parts are made of titanium. As an eyewear material, it is difficult to process, and can only be processed with a machine that uses a special tool for cutting. In addition to always keeping an eye on the tool, the wear of the tool is severe, and it is necessary to replace it frequently. Furthermore, it takes heat of 700°C or more to join titanium together, but the temperature must be changed according to the parts to be joined by observing the momentary light intensity. In addition to these, all processes are carefully examined by craftsmen's eyes and hands, and each piece is carefully polished over time to take on a brilliance. Sabae was the first place in the world to manufacture titanium frames.

the stories
Protection Activity

The problems that threaten the natural environment are diverse and complex, but as we depend on nature for our activities, preserving nature is an important issue. By reaffirming the value of nurturing rather than destroying, and taking some responsible steps, we can give back to nature.
Pitot hopes that by supporting a portion of the total sales as funds for environmental conservation and restoration, it will help protect and coexist with the natural ecosystem.